The Shulmans from United States

The Shulmans  from United States 

After a couple of days in Addis to get on the time zone we began our adventure to the south. Our first stop was Lake Langano which was most delightful. The bird life was incredible as were the people.

We met some college age kids and they wanted to take our pictures with them and we took photos of them too. Truly one of the most spectacular nature sites of our entire lives was the “flamingo lake”. This was a crater lake near Wondogenet. It was a hike down to the lake but what a site—thousands of flamingos covering the entire lake. These pictures can’t possibly do this site justice. No pictures can adequately describe our month long visit to Ethiopia . Not every day was wonderful but all days were culturally rich.

Throughout the trip Fest Ethiopia provided us with an excellent driver and wonderful guides. Fathe in the south was just wonderful and Eule ( t h e d r i v e r throughout Ethiopia ) was just a wonderful man and a very skilled driver. He also evaluated some of the flooded roadways and kept us safe as well as was capable of keeping the vehicle in good driving condition.

At Debre Damo Dean had to climb up a rope to get to the monastery and it was quite a site. I was not allowed to go to this monastery. I stayed with the children in the village and watched then braid one another’s hair. We have been in 63 countries and while we did have some issues with our trip, it was the MOST culturally rich trip we have ever taken.

Even knowing the difficulty of the trip, we would recommend it to other people who enjoy the emersion of learning another culture.

With fond thoughts of your country

Ginny & Dean Shulman