Rena, Oded, Uri & Ariella from Israel

Rena, Oded, Uri & Ariella from Israel 

I will never forget Lalibela and the people we met there …the sweet children that adopted us and followed us all around.

We arrived in Lalibela on a Saturday and saw the long March to the Market and it was so beautiful and also sad because we understood how far the people had to work and carry. We visited the Market and then the magnificent sights, with our great guide Joseph. In the evening we spend a nice traditional dance and drink evening, dancing with the people in the little cafe. On Sunday we went to church and then participated in a wedding and each one of these was a lovely experience.

The day in Gondar was very interesting for us especially. Mass, our guide was so knowledgeable. We also were touched by visiting the Falashi village that to us meant seeing where our Ethiopian fellow citizens in Israel came from. Bahar Dir was another lovely experience with the lake, the birds, the fishermen and the beautiful falls of the Blue Nile .

In four days we had a very interesting and varied trip and got a sense of the history of Ethiopiaand the connection of Ethiopia to our Jewish heritage. Thank you so much for every thing. It was a wonderful trip and you organization was 100%. Especially I would like to note the guides that were just fantastic. Joseph, Mass and Teddy were all very very good guides.

Thank you so much for every thing and we definitely will recommend you to further travelers from our county

Rena, Oded, Uri and Ariella from Israel