Hovind & Hobbelstad from Norway

Hovind & Hobbelstad  from Norway 

Finally, the tax declarations are done and submitted and it is time to enjoy our good memories from our visit to Ethiopia . We are still amazed about all your country had to offer and the outstanding service you and your people gave us. The route was excellent. If I should have made any changes, that would have been to extend the duration of our stay in

Ethiopia with another week and traveled to the East and visited the Harar region. May be another time.

We should have had two more days in the south and been able to make a visit to the OmoNational Park . But one cannot do everything at the same time. The tourist sites were very well chosen, especially as we both were interested in agriculture and anthropology.

Your guide took excellent care of that. The accommodation was good, we especially enjoyed the camping. The meals provided by Fethi were very good.

Given the fasting period, the food in the hotels were limited in choices, but that was part

of our Ethiopian experiences. The driver was excellent, concentrated and had the right attitude towards safety. The guide cannot be better. Our compliment!

We have enjoyed an adventure to a country with a rich cultural heritage. A country with immense problems and dense population but a remarkably polite, proud and hard working people striving with difficult climate and other conditions. The problems in my own country seems so small in comparison.

As you can understand from the above, we are extremely satisfied and would love to come back some day and visit the eastern part as well. We will recommend you to our friends.


Ole Hovind & Nils Hobbelstad