Travel Stories  (Ethiopia Travel Testimonials)

Many people visit Ethiopia – or hope to do so one day – because of the remarkable manner in which ancient historical traditions have been preserved. And, indeed, the ceremonies and rituals of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, open a window on the authentic world of the Old Testament. In no other country is it possible to find yourself so dramatically transported back in time or to participate with such freedom in the sacred rituals of an archaic faith.


Ethiopia Travel Testimonials

Margaret Nydel  from United States

I have loved Ethiopia for a long time. It was wonderful to return and see the changes. I arranged the trip through Fest Ethiopia. As we all know, Ethiopia is unlike any country in the world, and has been Christian since the fourth century. more


Rena, Oded, Uri & Ariella from IsraelEthiopia Travel Testimonials

I will never forget Lalibela and the people we met there …the sweet children that adopted us and followed us all around. We arrived in Lalibela on a Saturday and saw the long March to the Market and it was so beautiful and also sad because we understood how far the people had to work and carry. more


The Maartens  from South AfricaEthiopia Travel Testimonials

Before leaving for Ethiopia, we had the feeling that something out of the ordinary was awaiting us. We are somewhat addicted to unusual and adventurous undertakings, but this time we intuitively knew that we would also encounter some sobering and thought-provoking things. more


Murray Brill  from GreeceEthiopia Travel Testimonials

After a month in Bangkok, I flew on Ethiopian Airlines direct to Addis Ababa for a two week visit. Mari, my wife, didn’t want to go because she felt it would be a hardship trip for her. In many respects she was right, which I’ll mention later, but for me I’m really more


Ann & Joan Mason  from USAEthiopia Travel Testimonials

My sister finally retired and we were able to take a long anticipated trip to Africa. We had been hoarding frequent flyer miles and found that we could get as far as Addis Ababa in Ethiopia so we decided to begin our adventures there. We got on the   more


The Shulmans  from United StatesEthiopia Travel Testimonials

After a couple of days in Addis to get on the time zone we began our adventure to the south. Our first stop was Lake Langano which was most delightful. The bird life was incredible as were the people. more


Hovind & Hobbelstad  from NorwayEthiopia Travel Testimonials

Finally, the tax declarations are done and submitted and it is time to enjoy our good memories from our visit to Ethiopia. We are still amazed about all your country had to offer and the outstanding service you and your people gave us. The route was excellent. more


The Thomas  from The Bahamas

Ethiopia Travel Testimonials

“Ethiopia – why on earth are you going to Ethiopia” was the response we got from friends and associates when we told them of our September vacation plans… The answer was simple! We look for a contrasting culture, a rich historical heritage and the opportunity  more


Lorna & Family  from United KingdomEthiopia Travel Testimonials

I’d been to Ethiopia several times already and traveled the Northern Historical Circuit. This time I would be traveling with my 24 year old daughter, who is into energetic outdoor pursuits like rock-climbing rather than just looking at historical sites. I needed to find something that would excite both of us. more


The Travel Directors  from AustraliaEthiopia Travel Testimonials

We were researching a possible escorted tour to Ethiopia next year and visited Addis, Axum. Gondar, Bahir Dar and Lalibela. We were dazzled by the sights, the sounds, the smells of this amazing part of the world. Above all we were overwhelmed by the friendliness and generosity of spirit of the people. more


Mirek & Family from United States Ethiopia Travel Testimonials

I want to thank you for the arrangements Fest Ethiopia made for our trip of almost 4 weeks throughout Ethiopia. My wife, who has limited mobility and needs a wheelchair for longer distances, was able to see almost everything on our trip…more