Historical Attractions

Ethiopia Historical Attractions. Ethiopia, the oldest independent nation in Africa , has proud and long history dating back to the first century AD. Passing through magnificent sceneries of the Ethiopian highlands, a visitor gets amazed with the rich historical treasures of the country that dates back 3000 years to the Axumite Kingdom that used to dominate the vital crossroads of Africa and Asia for almost a thousand years.

Lake Tana Monastries

Rivaling the attraction of the Blue Nile Falls are the thirty- seven islands scattered about on the 3,000-square-kilometre (1,860-square-mile) surface of Ethiopias largest body of water, Lake Tana. Twenty of these islands shelter – Read More


They say it’s the 8th wonder of the world. Once the thriving and populous capital city of medieval dynasty, Lalibela, is indeed the 8th wonder with its 13 rock-hewn churches cut out of a solid red volcanic rock. Some of the churches – Read More

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa (the name means ‘new flower’) is of fairly recent origin – Menelik 11 founded the city in 1887. Situated in the foothills of the Entoto Mountains and standing 2,400 metres above sea level it is the third highest capital in the world. – Read More


Tiya is among the most important of the roughly 160 archaeological sites discovered so far in the Soddo region, south of Addis Ababa. The site contains 36 monuments, including 32 carved stelae covered with symbols, most of which are – Read More


They say you have only to stroll through the banqueting halls and gaze down from the balconies of the many castles and palaces here to imagine the intrigue and pageantry that took place back in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, – Read More


Although its very early history is still unknown, Ethiopian legends first recorded in the fourteenth-century Kebre Nagast (Book of Kings) make Axum the capital of the Queen of Sheba in the tenth century BC, – Read More


Ethiopia’s historic route begins with a glance at the tantalizing remains of Yeha – the country’s earliest high civilization. In a remote part of Tigray region, Yeha lies several hours drive from the more accessible city of Axum, – Read More

Debre Libanos Monastry

Getting out of Addis on a day trip is always a good idea. Taking the road to Debre Libanos guarantees that you will have spectacular scenery. There arent that many interesting stops along the road. The beauty is in the drive itself. – Read More


Harar is a walled city which stands on the eastern wall of the Great Rift Valley and is the provincial capital of Ethiopia’s largest administrative region, Hararge. The city’s location gives wonderful views of the surrounding country – Read More