8 – 12 Day Tour Programs

Ethiopia Tour Programs9 Day tour Northern Historic Route 

For a traveler who wants to see the Northern Historic Ethiopia within a relatively short schedule, 8 days, this package gives a good opportunity. The 8 day trip covers all tourist attractions in Bahir Dar, Gondar , an extra day at Lalibela to visit all rock hewn churches and Axum and Addis Ababa ’s historical attractions. more


Ethiopia Tour Programs8 Day tour Erta ale Volcano 

This travel itinerary is an 8 day travel to Ert Ale volcano. The drive goes through Kombolcha to Lake Afdera . A camel trek will be arranged for our travel to Ert Ale volcano. We will start returning back to Addis through the  Lake Afdiera- Dodom – Kombolcha – Addis route. City tour of Addis Ababa is included on the 10th day.  more


Ethiopia Tour Programs10 Day Bird Watching Tour

This is a relatively condensed bird watching tour of 10 days which includes many of the places in the southern and eastern part of the country. The drive includes a tour to bird watching destinations of Menagesha Forest , Debre Libanos Monastry, Bale National Park , Yabello Sanctuary, lake Awassa , Lanagano and Africa ’s best spot to see pelicans – the Abijata Shall lake and Wondogenet.  more  more 8 day Ethiopia Tour Programs


Ethiopia Tour Programs12 Day Tour to North Ethiopia

The 12 day tour to the north Ethiopia covers a one day tour within Addis and a 2 days tour to Bahir Dar. The Bahir Dar visit includes city tours, drive to Blue Nile falls and a boat trip to Tana monasteries. The drive to Gondar passes through an interesting natural scenery as well as farm towns which gives a great sight seeing opportunities. The package also includes sightseeing at Gondar , Axum and to all rock hewn churches of Lalibela. The package gives ample time in each historical destinations and a chance to integrate with the northern Ethiopia cultures.  more


Ethiopia Tour Programs

12 Day Tour to Southern Ethiopia

This 12 day travel to the fascinating tribes of southern Ethiopia starts with a drive to Arba Minch, overlooking the Abaya and Chamo lakes. We will reach Mago in the 6th day, after passing Jinka town, and will camp on the edges of Omo River. Driving within the  forest with no real driving track, meeting fascinating tribes along the off road tracks are some of your travel experiences. We will drive through Turmi and get back to Arba Minch on the 10th day. The tour also includes a visit to Awassa, and Lanagano lakes and Africa ’s best spot to see pelicans – the Abijata Shall lake. The trip ends with a tour of Addis Ababa .  more


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