13 – 20 Day Tour Programs

Ethiopia Tour Programs13 Day Bird Watching tour

The 13 day tour to AwashNational park, Bale mountains and Arbaminch goes through different and interesting sceneries of western and eastern Ethiopia highlands. Included in this tour are Awash, Bale and Necha Sar national parks, full day visit to Sof omar cave and Senatte Plateue, awasa and Lanagno Lakes. more


Ethiopia Tour Programs14 Day Tour to Southern Ethiopia

This 14 day travel to the fascinating tribes of southern Ethiopia starts with a drive to Hosanna which passes along the Melka Kuntere archeological spot. The long straight road to Arba Minch, overlooking the Abaya and Chamo is a drive to remember. We will reach Mago in the 5th day, after passing Jinka town, and will camp on the edges of Omo River. more


Ethiopia Tour Programs15 day trekking to Semine mountains

This travel itinerary is a 15 day trekking to Semine mountains and also a visit to the historical town of Gondar and Bahir Dar. The trekking in the semien mountain starts at Debark and goes through Sankaber – Geech – Chenek – Ambiqo – Arkwaziye – Loma – Adi Arkai trekking route. We will finish the trekking and return back to Addis on the 12th day and travel to Bahir Dar for city tour and boat trips to Tana Monasteries. City tour of Addis Ababa is included on the 10th day. more


Ethiopia Tour Programs

17 Days Historical Driving Tour

For the road enthusiastic, this 16 day driving tour to northern and eastern historical, cultural and wildlife attractions gives an opportunity to see most northern and eastern tourist destinations. The drive starts from Addis to Gojam then Bahir Dar. The route follows the Bahir dar – Gondar – Axum – Mekele – Lalibela – Kombolcha driving historic route. After the Bati market visit we will cross and drive to AwashPark. We will have 2 days in Harrar and Diredawa. The tour ends after a drive back to Addis from Dire Dawa. more


Ethiopia Tour Programs19 day Trek to Bale & Southern Ethiopia

This travel itinerary is a 19 day trekking to Bale mountains and southern Ethiopia. After a drive to Jimma and a visit to AbaJifarPalace we will drive further southwest to Tepi. We will start trekking on Day 5 and camp at Tum-Maji. The trekking route follows Tum-Maji – Maji – Adikas – Kormu – Kibish and back on the same trekking route. We will finish on the 12th day, after 7 days trekking, and drive to Mizan Teferi and drive further west to Gambella to visit Nuer & Anuak people and the Gambella national park. On our way back we will drive through Nekemte to Guder falls and Wonchi lake and spend one night at Ambo town. City tour of Addis Ababa is included on the 19th day. more

Please note that all travel programs can be customized to fit your travel needs, time and budget

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